Warranties / Guarantees are held on Site at John Wicks Caravans, Lynn Road, Grimston, Norfolk, PE321AG
Any Warranties / Guarantees with a Call to Site May be Charged for callout.


The following components and associated labour costs are covered against mechanical breakdown.
The purpose of this guarantee is to contribute towards the cost of repairs to your tourer (caravan), required due to unforeseen mechanical breakdowns as defined in the section above.
The individual claim limit on caravans up to 6 years old is retail value of the tourer (caravan) at time of claim. For tourers (caravans) over 6 years old the individual claim limit is £1,000per claim each and every valid claim. The claims limit will change on the anniversary of the date of manufacture.
We will provide cover as detailed in this document subject to the correct fee having been paid where appropriate.
External Chassis members, ‘A’ frame, outriggers and corner steadies.
Suspension Springs, hangers, shackles and pins, bushes, shock absorbers.
Axles Hubs and wheel bearings, oil seals, radius arms.
Braking system Linkages, parking, brake mechanism, actuators, brakes bias, master cylinder and reservoir, wheel cylinders and restrictor valves.
Habitation Cover
Electrical Mains hook-up connector (excluding mains cable), Electrical Control Board (ELCB), battery charger, electrical distribution unit.
Water Water heater including burner control module, water pumps and water level gauges.
Gas supply system Bottle clamps (manufacturer’s fitted units only), flame failure devices.
Heating system Thermostat, blower motor, switches, igniters, gas heater.
Cooker All mechanical components of the manufacturer’s fitted units are covered. (Excluding non-standard cookers).
Fridge Condenser, gas control valve and igniter, flame failure device, current voltage selector, electric elements, thermostats and control switches.
Cassette toilet Flush operating mechanism. (Excluding seals).
Excluded Components
This guarantee will not cover: bodywork ( except for that relating to ingress), paintwork, light units, interior and exterior trim, glass (including mirrors), windows, window catches, stays and associated fittings, blinds, hinges, internal fixtures and fittings, cupboards, doors, work surfaces and similar décor, carpets and floor coverings, soft furnishings, seats, bulbs, bulb fasteners, fluorescent tubes, shower tray, sink units and gas bottles, habitation battery, TV, telephone systems, music systems and satellite navigation. Wheels and tyres, tracker units, central locking remote control unit, wiring and electrical connections, pipes, hoses and hose clips, workshop consumables, general maintenance, adjustments and cleaning of components.


2.1 Components specifically listed in the ‘Excluded Components’ section of this Guarantee
2.2 Impact or accidental damage
2.3 General Maintenance and components failing due to general wear and tear.
2.4 Faults which occur during the period of a manufacturer’s guarantee or warranty items which are subject to a manufacturer’s recall.
2.5 Damage caused by overheating, freezing, corrosion or the intrusion of harmful substances (for example the ingress of water), use of an incorrect grade of fuel or oil, or lack of antifreeze, lubrication, servicing or routine maintenance.
2.6 Improper use of the tourer (caravan), neglect or abuse or any kind, or drive on damage after a fault has occurred.
2.7 Faults which were on the tourer (caravan) at the time of purchase, or caused by poor servicing or previous repair.
2.8 Damage, to a covered component caused by the failure of components not covered by this guarantee or to components not covered by this guarantee.
2.9 Any repairs not authorised by the Claims Manager prior to the repair work being carried out.
2.10 Any costs other than those specifically agreed and authorised by the Claims Manager.
2.11 Adjustments, the cleaning of components or diagnostic charges.
2.12 Costs in excess of the equivalent UK specification parts if your tourer (caravan)has been imported.
2.13 Claims for water ingress or delamination on tourers (caravans) over 10 years old.
2.14 Consequential damage or loss of any nature.

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  • We have learnt, via Truma UK, of a possible safety concern regarding its gas filter cups, affecting all items fitted since January 2012. And, if you're wondering where a gas filter cap is, it's sited between the regulator and the gas bottle – please see the image above.

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