Threat of MOT’s for Caravan and Light Trailers Diminishes

27 January 2014

At the recent meeting of the European Parliament Trilogy NCC members voted to exclude from scope all O1 and O2 trailers from the European Roadworthiness Package currently passing through the European Parliament.

The decision, which is subject to confirmation at the next Council meeting of the Transport and Tourism Committee on 21 January and then in the Plenary in the European Parliament in February/March means that caravans will not be subjected to MOT-style testing when the Directive comes into force.

The NCC Directorate, with the support of both consumer clubs, has engaged in extensive lobbying of all UK MEPs, members of the TRAN committee, the UK Minister for Transport and the Department for Transport to support the industry’s case against the introduction of MOT-style test for O2 trailer caravans.

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