Caravanning checklist 2014

Whether you’re a caravanning beginner or veteran, there are a number of essentials you need before hitting the road in 2014. To make sure you didn’t miss anything vital, here at John Wicks Caravans we created a checklist. Don’t forget to take a look before hitting the open road!

Caravan essential checklist

What to do before you begin your caravan adventure: hitching

Switch the gas off at the cylinderEmpty any water containers and clean out any toilet cassetteCheck your caravan’s windows, roof lights and cupboards are closed, loads are secured and the entrance door is locked.The caravan handbrake should be on and chock the wheels if you’re on a slopeLower the jockey wheel and lock it Raise the corner steadies Inspect your caravan’s noseweight Make sure the hitch height goes above the car’s towballRemove your car’s towball coverReverse your car behind the caravanAttach the hitch on the towballUse the jockey wheel to raise the car by about an inch to check the link is properly coupled Stow the jockey wheel Connect the electrical plugs to make sure the cables don’t drag while you’re driving Attach the breakaway cableCheck the road lights and indicators workRelease the caravan handbrakeRemove the chocks and release the caravan handbrake

What to do before you begin your caravan adventure: setting up

Once you’ve arrived at your destination you’ll need to unhitch. Here’s how:

Got a stabiliser? Release itPark your caravan on the pitch. If it needs levelling, use a ramp under the wheels on one sideRaise your caravan handbrakeChock the caravan wheels if you’re on a slopeLower the jockey wheel and lock itDisconnect the electrical plugs and breakaway cableRaise the hitch head lever and use the jockey wheel to elevate the caravan hitch from the towballDrive your car awayPut the cover on your car’s towballModify the level of your caravan front and rear with the jockey wheelFinally, lower the corner steadiesAnd relax!

Feel prepared? It’s a good idea to print these instructions off and keep them with you on your tour. You may also want to share this checklist with your fellow caravanners, especially if they’re new to it!

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